The minor in Ethnic Studies surveys the historical and contemporary event events that have shaped the experiences and cultural activities of people of color in the United States. Our program highlights key concepts, methodologies, and theories through comparative and interdisciplinary study. Such study leads to either a degree in General Ethnic Studies, or to a degree in Ethnic Studies with specialization in one of four areas: African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicano and Latino Studies, or Native American Studies.

We are also pleased to off a Minor in Ethnic Studies with a focus on Chicano and Latino Studies.

The Benefits of a Minor in Ethnic Studies

Understanding the contributions of all groups to the formation of the United States is the cornerstone of a democratic society. This understanding makes us less likely to harbor prejudice and discriminate against others who do not look, sound, or think like us. Moreover, changing demographics and globalization of the workforce has challenged employers and educators in many ways. Employers, therefore, seek leaders who can demonstrate an understanding of cultural diversity to help bring schools, churches, businesses, social service agencies and the public they serve into the twenty-first century.